Landscape UIWebview on a Portrait only iOS app

In a portrait only app if you want to play any videos loaded from a uiwebvew in landscape all you need to do is set the supported Interface Orientations in the app summary to allow for landscape.

Apparently thats it.  I spent 4 hrs trying to figure out a way to force a rotation after the video stopped playing but I didnt need to. The video being loaded will rotate just fine.

No extra code.



Exception breakpoint in Xcode

One of the things that I have been getting hung up on in Xcode is the debugger. It always seems like a bunch of gibberish when an error is thrown.

I have been watching the iTunes-U videos on iOS from Stanford and just watched the video on debugging.  The instructor gave one tip, among others, that turned a light on for me.

Exception breakpoints.  Now I can catch any errors when they occur rather than at the end of the stack. Amazing.

Here is how you can add this sweet little nugget of wisdom.

First open the debug panel on the left.

Then down at the bottom click the plus sign

Now add a new Exception breakpoint.

Then set it to break on all exceptions. 

Now when any error pops up you will be taken to where that error happened rather than main.  That always drove me nuts.

Pool Calculator

Released a new app on iOS. Its a simple pool water calculator. You can enter the values from your test kit and it will tell you the condition of your water.

I made this app to test the whole process. It was something simple enough that I can do quickly and get a feel for submitting a app. This way I can figure out any easy to fix gotchas now before submitting a more complex app.

It wasn’t as bad as I expected but wasn’t easy either. There are a few steps to submit your app.  From getting the certs from Apple to building your app to getting all the necessary  docs ready and finally sending in your app it takes some time.

Then you have to wait for it to be reviewed. For me this was about 6 working days.  Once it was in review the rest was very quick. Maybe two hours later it was on iTunes.

I have some more updates for this app also. I knew this before submitting the first version. I also wanted to test the update process so that will come next.

Anyway if you have a pool and need to know if your water is balanced give my app a try. I would love to hear any feedback or ideas for improvements. Like I said its only the first version and I already have some updates planned.